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Lift Maintenance

Elevator maintenance is about keeping each and every individual component of the elevator functioning optimally at all times. This is achieved by finding problems with the various elevator components in time, implementing fixes and as a result preventing potential problems and breakdowns from ever occurring.

It is very important to perform regular maintenance of your lift in order to keep it functioning correctly and safely. Regular preventive maintenance will also help in preventing major breakdowns which could otherwise require very costly repairs or even lead to major accidents. All our elevator servicing’s and breakdown handling is done by our highly skilled technicians in order to ensure a safe and smooth running elevator with reduced operating costs.

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Benefits of Preventive Elevator Maintenance

  • Increased passenger safety
  • Extended life of the elevator
  • Reduced elevator breakdown
  • Legal compliance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Smoother Elevator Operation


The Eleva Difference

  • We provide maintenance for lifts of all brands
  • Detailed inspection of all elevator parts
  • Comprehensive check of electrical components and parameters
  • Our servicing’s are subject to strict quality guidelines thus increasing elevator uptime.
  • We provide dependable and reliable service
  • Our service ensures low running costs for your elevator


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