Hospital Elevators

hospital elevator


Stretcher lifts for hospitals come in large cabin sizes and can be designed with varied support systems and finishes consequently ensuring the most hygienic conditions for patients and also better usability and comfort for visitors, doctors, and other professionals.Built to function with the highest reliability and undertake high speed passenger transport, Eleva’s stretcher lifts always deliver. Special control systems guarantee elevator leveling every single time for the entire lifetime of the elevators, hence ensuring easy entry and exit from the elevator for stretchers, wheelchairs and patients.These elevators can be customized to come with storage space on the elevator itself therefore allowing hospitals to keep emergency equipment on standby.

Key Features of Eleva Hospital Elevators

  • Large Cabin Sizes
  • In-Cabin Storage Space for emergency equipment
  • Reliable Floor Leveling
  • Fast transit times
  • High quality mirror finishes for better hygiene control